Date(s) - June 30, 2020
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm EDT
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A Virtual Workshop with Joanna Hoffschneider, Founder of Resolute Consulting LLC

This is not a program about networking.  Rather this is a deep dive into the who and why of your network.  Do you understand where you are strong and where you have deficiencies?  Do you know how to bring value to your network?  And how to reap a return on your investment of time and energy?

We build networks throughout our lives and it takes attention to keep them thriving and relevant.  For some of us, this is a source of pleasure.  For others, it causes significant stress or anxiety.  As business professionals our networks are vital for success – learn how to keep yours healthy!

Joanna Hoffschneider, ALEP, leads Resolute Consulting LLC, combining her first career in teaching and training with her second in marketing and business development. Joanna has always enjoyed bringing order and focus to the business world around her, providing a space for people to leverage their strengths and expertise. She has built a reputation for incisive analysis and respectful candor, listening for the signal through the noise and helping her clients make meaningful change. 

Through Resolute, Joanna provides strategic support, professional development, and facilitation services for individuals, businesses and nonprofits. An expat-Brit who grew up in the Far East, her multi-cultural point of view and natural curiosity allow her to make connections and provide perspective that create meaningful “aha!” moments.

Resolute’s trainings are different – they’re full focus workshops, not “play in the background” webinars.  Resolute focuses on transferable learning, using breakouts and small groups, as well as pre-surveys and worksheets to ensure you can move from theory to practice.  Please come to this session prepared to participate – cameras on and controlling your own mute button.

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