Date(s) - May 5, 2021
9:00 am - 10:30 am EDT
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When you reflect on the past year, what have you learned? Is your career more or less satisfying than you thought going into the pandemic? Do you feel like your needs are being met?

We’re seeing a polarization coming out of a very challenging year. We’re seeing some who felt incredibly supported and loyal to their employers. They want to build a strong career path within their current organization. We’re seeing others who aren’t okay with the “just okay” anymore. They’re feeling dissatisfied and ready for a change, but they don’t want to go from one okay job to another okay job.

Join us on Wednesday, May 5 at 9am for a 90-minute workshop led by Joanna Hoffschneider, where you will learn how to build an actionable career plan. Whether you are ready to dig deeper into your current organization, or you’re ready to go from a vague career path that you figure out as you go to one that is purposeful and fulfilling, this workshop is for you. We’ll talk about setting goals and identifying preliminary steps to achieve them, learn techniques to ensure you are getting recognition for your accomplishments, and begin to build a plan for your career that fulfills your wants and needs.

Joanna Hoffschneider, ALEP, leads Resolute Consulting LLC, combining her first career in teaching and training with her second in marketing and business development. She has built a reputation for incisive analysis and respectful candor, listening for the signal through the noise and helping her clients make meaningful change.
Resolute’s trainings are different – they’re full focus workshops, not “play in the background” webinars. Resolute focuses on transferable learning, using breakouts and small groups, as well as pre-surveys and worksheets to ensure you can move from theory to practice. Please come to this session prepared to participate – cameras on and controlling your own mute button.

Participants will receive a pre-survey to contextualize their experiences and submit questions confidentially.

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