Beyond Mindfulness Workshop


Date(s) - April 15, 2020
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm EDT
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All ticket revenue for this event will be donated to SONSEIL’s GoFundME intiative  that is raising money to supply the front lines with masks and PPEs. You can donate as well here.


The intention of this program is for participant to experience the following outcomes:

  • Promote wellness and joy
  • Be inclusive to anyone regardless of previous experience with yoga, breathing techniques or meditation
  • Provide an experiential format for the participants, as opposed to a classroom setting
  • Offer tools and practices to apply in everyday life
  • Be grounded in Science with relatable examples

We will focus on taking people deep into their hearts, so they can experience the difference between being in the head vs.heart.  We will discuss the impact of this state of being with respect to each of us individually, as a team and within our organization.



  • Opening Introduction
  • Alignment Exercise
  • Breathing Techniques (Navy Seals, Yogis in India)
  • “What is in the Way?” Meditation – Releases contraction and doubt which holds you back from your fullest potential and joy.
  • “What brings me Joy?” Meditation – Taps into the heart and expands the potentiality for you to create a more joyous, loving, passionate, happy fulfilling life.
  • Wrap up, Q & A and closing


Brought to you by:

Denise and Michael of Alchemy

Alchemy:  The Soul of Transformation

Organizational Consciousness

Enlightened Leadership

Business Alchemy


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“A power or process that transforms something in a mysterious or miraculous way”


Alchemy was formed in 2016 as a vehicle to teach, share and support people through the stresses of life.  The Founders, Denise Gindhart and Michael Firsow met while building an Ashram in India.  Denise lived in Philadelphia and Michael was a Hindu Monk. Their friendship was based on deep love.  Both Densei and Michael were on separate paths living on different sides of the world, yet fate brought them together and they have been inseparable ever since.

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